How To

Size. Screw Snap.

Simply Vänt.

Vänt rule of four

The key to our simple mount system is, each column must be a minimum of 4. This will ensure that all your panels are fitted tight with no gaps between panels. With the uniquely designed stopper at the bottom, you can stack your panels as high as you like.

After the 4 base panels have been installed then you can add panels above in groups of 2 or 4. Each box comes with 4 panels. If you would like to add just 2 panels, simply stack the half of the bracket on the top of the existing brackets, and add the extra 2 panels to the next column.

  • Level & Set

    Connect the Simple Mount™ brackets to the panels. Snap one panel into both brackets and slide to the bottom & level.

  • Screw & Secure

    Position the assembly against the wall.
    Drive the anchorless screw into the first bracket hole.

    ***Hand Screwdriver Recommended***
  • Snap & Click

    Snap the remaining panels in position, and admire your designer look that only took minutes!

Step-by-step instructional video

Simple and easy care.

Vänt's Simple Mount™ track system enables quick and easy removable of individual panels. To clean, to remove a panel and wipe it down with a damp cloth. To install, snap it back into place with gentle pressure. Snap-out, snap-in. Simple!

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